If staying ahead of the curve is part of your game, keep an eye on Heatbeat.

Agustin Servente and Matias Faint is a dynamic duo from Argentina that have provided a number of hits since their arrival. You may be familiar with “Hadoken“, “Roses Never Cry“, and “Las Lilas” just to name a few. Their trance style is very identifiable, implementing various spanish-styled note sections into their tracks. Part one of this two episode track is “Extra Bacon” and extra is exactly what you will get. This track is full of flavour if you know what I mean. It’s a hit infused with house and dubstep beats that really cranks things up. It’s full of bass and topped with an outstanding drop that will get all shufflers on the dance floor to bring the beat down. Now ladies and gentleman, don’t confuse this with the asian cuisine.

Chow Mein” is the second track on this two episode song. It’s a bit more on the softer side but still has an up kick roar that Heatbeat always provides. It brings meaning to the word “trance” and it’s definitely contagious. If you like their progressive and uplifting vibe with their broken down vocals, then this song is for you. Regardless to say, these two episode tracks are both killer cuts that are full of great stabs. Heatbeat really brought the heat with these two captivatings sounds.

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