First I want to thank you guys for your time, that was a great set!

Thanks man, yeah, thanks.

Something that really stuck out to me was your stage presence, and I’ve seen a lot of acts that don’t have the level of presence you guys do. You guys were on another level where does that come from?

Just us lovin the music  Yeah, you know we enjoy it a lot.–And you know what, DJing isn’t some hardcore technical skill, we’re cheerleaders on stage and we realize that. And look, mixing records, yes, it takes some level of skill, but I guarantee, if you worked hard enough, a chimpanzee can probably beatmatch. –especially these days-, so from our perspective we’re up there to give you a good time, y’know?, and so that’s why we don’t like playing these extended mix-in, mix-out, these long breakdowns, and all this stuff.  It’s just boring.  Everyone is there. to party, everybody is there to have fun and jump around, and if we can’t jump around and party, why are we up there? To just stand there?

What’s it like playing in New York versus anywhere else?

Y’know we’ve played in California all the time, Miami, and the only difference I see is the setting.  Everyone is there, it’s all the same energy.  That could have been anywhere tonight, it could have been Creamfields in Australia. –With the Internet, everyone listens to the same radio shows, everyone gets the same tracks, Youtube, A State of Trance (ASOT), Trance Around The World, I mean look.  The world is connected now.  So it’s not like you show up to one country and have to play a different set, or adapt so much.  It’s universal.  So tonight was amazing, but had I not known it was New York, I couldn’t looked out there and just known that.  –You know, it reminded me of a show in Perth, where we were in a similar tent. But everyone looked the same.

I read a little bit about how you guys met online, that’s pretty cool and speaks to your point about the Internet and being connected

-yeah the online dating site—both laughing along at themselves

What was it about trance versus other sounds, or any music?

It’s not the same now, but when we got into music, trance was the genre that really encompassed melody, and Dave and I are all about melody. So we wanted to produce in the genre that we felt was the most musical and not just noise.  But if you listen to progressive house now, it’s sounds a fuckin’ hell of a lot like trance and if you listen to even house records they’re very melodic.  Dubstep, a lot of it is melodic. –So if you listened to our set tonight, it was a little bit of a mixture or styles.  But it was all melodic and it was all stuff that fit together.  You couldn’t listen to it and pick out “that’s that, or that’s that”; they’re just cool, musical, records.

Where are you guys going next?

Well we have a tiny bit of a vacation, we still have a bit of studio stuff to finish up, like a Markus Schulz remix we’re working on.  And when we come back, we’re going to Vancouver, then Mansion in Miami, then Sutra in Orange County (CA), and then Europe and Tommorowland in Belgium, and then ASOT, then Electric Frenzy in México city and then Guadalajara and then we’re at the first of August. –it should be good.

Wow, that’s packed.  I saw in another interview that you guys mentioned wanting to collaborate with artists outside of trance, or just electronic music.  Anyone that you’ve you reached out to?

Yeah, we’ve reached out to some rock bands, but we can’t tell you the name of those—just weird stuff. I think it’s cool to be adventurous, and not just stay within the realms that we’ve been in all this time.  Everyone has the same vocals, and we want to try something really fresh and unique.  And they’re all sorts of different styles we like, –and everyone else is just producing the same electro bassline, the same heavy chord, the big drop, and it’s like man, we just want flesh out ideas, and be unique, weird, and different, so we can find something that is really cool and stamp as our own. –when we’re in the studio and we finish a track we tell ourselves that track is done., and it can’t be done.  –we can’t just go produce another “Everafter” just because it worked, or another “Slave”.  You can’t do “Slave” five times; you’d get sick of it.

Any young producers, trance fans or edm fans in general should be looking out for? You guys obviously have a keen ear for finding new talent and sound.

Yeah that’s a tricky question, I think a guy who doesn’t get enough respect right now is Rafael Frost. –yeah that guy is talented—yeah we look that guy as just a monster. I don’t think he is looked up enough to.  –I think that’s just a marketing thing, his music and production skills are just out the door, they’re amazing.  And not only that, his music is incredible, and deserves so much recognition.

Well thanks guys that’s all I have right now.

Well thanks for coming, glad you enjoyed it. Oh awesome.

Can we actually get a picture?

Haha yeah, that’s awesome