French EDM artist David Guetta recently reached the end of his contract with EMI France. As such a big name in the EDM/Hip Hop world, his choice of record label was bound to be big news. Unsurprisingly for those familiar with Guetta, he’s chosen to stay with the label that made him famous.

Guetta signed with EMI in 2001, when EDM was barely even recognized as a genre. He has since become internationally famous and is the 11th richest DJ in the world. As the genre has advanced, it has become increasingly lucrative. Fans around the world break out their rave wear and enjoy watching his shows live and online. Club owners pay exorbitant fees to book him at their venue and he’s working with the biggest names in the music business from Rihanna to Madonna.

EMI is the only label Guetta has ever worked with and according to Billboard, it feels like home to him: “They believed in my music a decade ago when EDM was just an underground scene and took it to another level. I’ve had a wonderful group of music loving people surround and support me; they committed to me and I am very happy to extend my deal with the best team on the planet.”

A snapshot of Guetta’s successes so far:

  • 5 studio albums produced
  • 33 million fans on Facebook
  • 5 million Twitter followers
  • Nearly 1.5 billion views of his online videos
  • 8 million albums sold
  • 30 million singles sold
  • Latest album is platinum in 15 countries
  • 2 Grammy Awards notes that David Guetta is one of the wealthiest DJs in the world with a net worth of $25 million. With the continued support of his record label and the growing number of fans on social networking websites, it is likely that the popular DJ’s net worth will continue to climb.

Obviously the partnership is a win-win for the label, since Guetta shows no signs of slowing down. CEO David Kassler stated that the professionals working within the company respect David Guetta and are happy that he has decided to stay with them. The President of EMI Music France, Olivier Montfort, said “At EMI Music, we have been proud to work alongside David since that very first single back in 2001, and we’ve come a long way together.”

David Guetta’s popularity as a DJ is recognized around the world. He is one of the most popular DJs and his decision to continue with the record label that has supported his growth shows humility despite his high net worth. It is a significant move that shows music fans that a popular DJ can still appreciate family-friendly values.

This article was written for ElectroJams by Lauren Michaels. After studying film at UCLA, Lauren found that her second love, writing, allowed her to be both critic and harbinger of information. She now freelances for a variety of entertainment publications and is a regular at her local theater.