For me, a true patron of all genres, one of the most impressive things about the french duo Justice has been their ability to create this uncanny symbionic relationship between electronica and classic rock. Their sophomore album, Audio, Video, Disco, really highlighted this sound with tracks like Helix, On’N’On, and New Lands.

Today Justice brings news of a new EP to be released officially by the end of this month with intense remixes by the likes of A-Track (who isn’t he working with these days?), Falcon, and SebastiAn. A couple of morsels to be featured on the New Lands EP are featured below for your previewing pleasure, but I highly encourage you to listen to the original track first. There a you tube video with the full track available here.

Both remixes are solid, the A-track version being much heavier on the dance vibe, dropping the lyrics, and adding funky bass line (be sure not to miss the build up aroun 4:30). The SebasitAn mix holds on to more of the lyrics and plays up a more dubstep beat before breaking out into sick house madness around 3:25.

Can’t wait to see what else they come up with………..