Remember Public Domain? You know, that bass in your face, london! song from the movie Blade that had everyone donning leather pants and spiked collars and heading to their local nightclub to do some anonymous grinding in a dark room full of ravers? Unfortunately, I was probably too young to have that experience, but I still remember the song and the movie well. If you do too — well– it may be time to break out the leather pants again.

Glenn Morrsion is a predominantly progressive-house dj from Canada that traditionally paired an ambient smooth melody with a beat that felt like a smack in the face. So, you can imagine the surprise at the onset of this track. That evil synthesized bass melody intros right away and builds up to a standalone house beat to really let you experience the macabre.  

Like a good dj should — he seems to be evolving with the times. Perhaps taking cues from guys like Porter Robinson, Wolfgang Gartner and Avicii, this track quickly builds around 2:30 into this huge, melodic, fist-pumping anthem briefly spending a moment out of the darkness and paying homage to his roots before diving back into the twisted bass of the vampire’s underground bloodbath.

The full track is to be release at an undeterminded date in the future, but I’d say a 4:15 preview is pretty sweet for now…. But tell me, was the world ready to visit that this late 90’s club sound?