While only his second release, the young Canadian producer Damn Kids has shown that he has some serious flavor. A 3 track EP off of the new label Provoke (it’s only their third release) Damn Kids brings his own unique tribal style that takes the structure of house with some twists.

What easily could be the soundtrack for a scene in a village deep in the Amazon, the first and title track Yema, evokes a certain imagery of a tribal ceremony.  The eclectic nature of this track, and the EP as a whole, is such that it could easily belong on Diplo’s Mad Decent label.  Similar to Major Lazer, Damn Kids uses ethnic samples that serve to enhance the vibe of the track.

Totem, the second track, ominously asks “are you ready?!” and frankly I don’t think I was.  With it’s echoing samples, big room sound I was not ready for this one to drop.  What starts out as a minimal beat, it progressively adds more elements until you have a straight conga line jam.  There’s something about this EP that is both techy and deep to it and this track fully exemplifies that cross breed.

The third and final track, Buti features Caruzo as the two of them, in line with the previous two tracks produce a progressive, tribal, techy, deep beat.  Darker than the previous two, it marks a natural progression for the EP.  This track provides a clear example of Damn Kids’ minimalist instrumentation and his working theory here, “less is more”

Although it is only his second release, Damn Kids has shown he has a bright future and is ready to make his own unique sound heard.

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