Calling Anjunabeats Worldwide 04 a masterpiece would be a understatement. Known for featuring talented up-and-coming trance artists, this release is powered by the likes of Maor Levi and the long time Anjuna resident Krzysztof Pretkiewicz known as Nitrous Oxide.

Disc 1 is mixed by the Israeli producer Maor Levi who got his start at the ripe age of 11 and then progressed to his first release with “Lital” in 2006 on Anjunadeep. After a mandatory stint in the Israeli Army, Maor came back rejuvenated and started to establish himself in music again. Starting from the beginning  of the first disc it becomes evident that Levi possesses a unique musical sense that makes his mix a powerful blend of collective influence that not only provides you with something amazing to listen to but it takes you on what seems like his own personal adventure. Diversity is the first word that comes to mind when tracks like “Electrified (Mat Zo Remix)” by Tate & Diamond feat. Nicolai are found along with “This Love” by Kyau & Albert. Levi goes on to show us his true colors with original compilations and remixes. “Won’t Say No” is an emotional piece created by Maor in a  significant period of time in his life. He then goes on to remix “Phoenix From The Flames” Ft. Justine Suissa making it significantly more upbeat than the original. He then goes on to add new flavors of trance and electro to a old classic “Alba” by the famous Super 8. Bluestone makes a showing with Namaste. Norin & Rad throw in “Pistol Whip”, a track that is catchy with raw undertones.

The route that this Israeli talent is taking is very distinct. Maor Levi goes to show us that emotion is at the forefront of his music.

Krzysztof Pretkiewicz also known as Nitrous Oxide has been apart of the Anjunabeats family for a significant amount of time now. Credited with productions like “North Pole,” “Amnesia” and “Morning Light”, N2O represents a evolutionary take in his music proving that he develops himself with every production that he is involved with.

Disc2 takes on Krzystof’s deep, uplifiting style. It contains four original compositions as well as four remixes. The Anjunadeep presence is also felt with Oliver Smith, Sunny Lax and Boom Jinx making appearances in the mix. “Azzura” by Boom Jinx & Daniel Kandi and “Awakenings” by Super8 & Tab give us classic style trance drops that can be described as impact driven. Fellow Polish producer Adam Kancerski presents a tune that can only be defined as epic in “Orion”. Beautifully redone is Craig Connelly’s “Manchester AM (2012 Club Mix)”. This tune is bound to make you feel good inside with melodic buildups and a steady beat that is more on the subtle side of dynamics.

Listening to Disc2 reminds one why they are so attracted to trance music not only as a genre but as a way of transporting emotions and thought processes into their very being.

Anjunabeats Worldwide 04 has brought us yet again two artists to look out for in the near future. Although already well known it is safe to say that these two gentlemen are set for a very impactful year.


Anjunabeats Worldwide 04 – Mixed by Maor Levi & Nitrous Oxide: Tracklisting

CD1 Maor Levi
01 Breakfast pres. Keyworth “Splitting”
02 Maor Levi “Won’t Say No”
03 Tate & Diamond feat. Nicolai “Electrified” (Mat Zo Remix)
04 Mat Zo “It’s Yours”
05 Inpetto “No More Serious Faces”
06 Boom Jinx feat. Justine Suissa “Phoenix From The Flames” (Maor Levi Remix)
07 3rd Planet “Sevas”
08 Norin & Rad “Pistol Whip”
09 Super8 “Alba” (Maor Levi Remix)
10 Bluestone “Namaste”
11 Genix “Aura”
12 Ost & Meyer “Safari” (Maor Levi Remix)
13 Kyau & Albert “This Love”
14 Parker & Hanson “Afterthought” (Heatbeat Remix)
15 Breakfast pres. Keyworth “Median” (Keyworth Remix)

CD2 Nitrous Oxide
01 Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange feat. Kerry Leva “In And Out Of Phase “(Norin & Rad Remix)
02 Mike Koglin vs. Genix “Helion” (Norin & Rad Remix)
03 Nitrous Oxide & Dan Stone “Nautica”
04 Adam Kancerski “Orion”
05 Edu & Cramp “Human Turbines” (Beat Service Remix)
06 Ost & Meyer “Antalya”
07 Craig Connelly “Manchester AM” (2012 Club Mix)
08 Sunny Lax “Contrast” (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
09 Nitrous Oxide “Gr8!”
10 Ost & Meyer “Scarlet Heaven” (Dan Stone Remix)
11 Nitrous Oxide & Space RockerZ “Energize”
12 Boom Jinx & Daniel Kandi “Azzura”
13 Super8 & Tab “Awakenings
14 Nitrous Oxide “Tiburon”
15 Cramp “Andromeda”
16 Oliver Smith “Progress” (Nitrous Oxide Remix)