While it’s not a genre that is covered too much on ElectroJams, Psychedelic Trance (and the various other Pyschedelic genres) is certainly an integral part of the EDM scene.  With that said, Rock n Roll is here to present “A Psybient Soiree”  What is it?  Well it’s…

an exclusive 4-day, 3-night, 24-hour multi-media experience in New York’s gorgeous Catskill Mountains. Rock N Roll Resort v2: A Psybient Soiree is a unique special event created by fans for fans, and aims to a sonic, visual and intellectual voyage promising to be a full resort takeover and immersion into the world of trance and “psychill” with live performances and DJ sets. Woven throughout the weekend will be 24 hours of multiple indoor live music stages, incredible visual art installations, spiritual explorations by Alex Grey and Allyson Grey, film screenings, a “Spirit Symposium” and so much more!

If that’s not an enticing I don’t know what is.  With acts like SHPONGLE and Conspirator performing DJ sets and Alex Grey making appearances, this not a weekend to miss.

Tickets cost as follows:

For more information on what’s going to be going on, and what those packages include head to their official website!