I’ve got a Q&A style interview with Liquid Stranger ready to post soon which I am honestly SO pumped to be sharing with you all… The LS fans will undoubtedly love reading what he has to say, and perhaps some non-LS listeners will reconsider after reading his answers. Liquid Stranger is famous for his recent filthy dubstep tracks such as Bully and Exit The Vault so the ambient / chill stuff I’m posting may be a surprise for his more recent fans.

His latest release gets back in touch with his earlier days with Interchill Records and provides some seriously needed relaxation. As I listened to the tracks (provided via his YouTube) I could immediately sense the deeply rooted emotion in these tracks. As I listened further I felt myself entering this trance like state where my heartbeat slowed to a meditative pulse. I do actually meditate quite often and I honestly may use Cryogenic Encounters as the soundtrack for my next session.

Liquid Stranger – Magenta

Liquid Stranger – Zeal

Liquid Stranger – Burst

Liquid Stranger – Cryo