Last night I was surfing reddit on my phone when I saw an interesting post in /r/DJs. User joeap posted a screenshot of an email from Soundcloud stating that his mixtape he uploaded contained copyrighted content and thus could no be published. I’ve run in to similar issues and have attached a screenshot below. In the comments, many users commiserated and lamented while others recommended migrating to Mixcloud. The interesting thing about that is, why doesn’t Mixcloud give you the same beef over copyrighted content? Another relevant question – do mixtapes/etc belong on Soundcloud? Some people feel Soundcloud is exclusively for original content.

It’s important to remember that Soundcloud states in their terms & conditions that copyrighted content is not allowed, nor is “fair use” content (it was once thought that using a copyrighted track in a mixtape constituted as fair use).

In my case, as seen above, I was merely trying to upload a remix that a producer sent in to me. But the file was rejected, seemingly due to the fact that any upload matching the keywords ‘Calvin Harris, Rihanna, We Found Love’ has been blocked.

So, what’s next for DJs? Do any of you care to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences?