If you asked Barry White to create a score for Shaft walking down the street like a bad mofo, then stripped the strings and added a sexy Australian with a cold to do the vocals, I’d imagine that would sound a lot like Marcus Marr’s new track, “Familiar Five.”

Marr dropped the track today along with an announcement that the new music will have some company on his new four-track EP of the same name, out February 2nd on DFA Records. It looks like he’s done all the work himself, as the tracklisting does not feature any other collaborators, so it’ll be all Marcus all the time.

“Familiar Five” is dark, like an apartment at night in a power outage, everything covered in black velvet, the faint odor of cigarette smoke and bourbon in the air, with your eyes shut kind of dark. According to Marr, the song feels like an outsider anthem, and “a tale of bizarre transformation that points up the fragile boundaries between dreams and reality.” He adds the song is, “about being a freak and accepting it – being happy to be a freak.”

I’m happy being a freak. This song makes me want to freak. I think I get it. I think you will, too. Take a listen below and check your options for streaming here.

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