Electric Forest dropped a couple announcements today, including dates for 2018 which will repeat the two distinct weekend approach that they introduced in 2017, as well as a little something extra. The festival will take place on the third and fourth weekend of the month, on June 21-24 and June 28-July 1, 2018. Just as in 2017, some artists will play both weekends, while others will play weekend one or two exclusively. Artists that play more than once will play a unique show for each time slot, adding extra incentive for those tempted to pursue #WeekendBoth.

No word on any on sale dates as of yet, just an approximation of “sometime in December.” Head to the updated Loyalty page for updated information for returning Foresters as well as Four in the Forest diehards.

EF HQ also introduced a new programming initiative called “Electric Forest Wish Machine” which encourages participants to imagine the many ways they can positively affect the lives of those around them, the environment, or anything else. It’s been a difficult year, and the increasingly hostile world and tumultuous events unfolding can get a person feeling pretty bleak and helpless. The aim of the Wish Machine nudges the Forest Fam to create light where there is darkness, to provide an opening for those who feel locked up and isolated, to improve in any way they can dream and at any scale. Per HQ…

“Kindness, radical acceptance, and good deeds are why The Forest is special. These values create freedom to discover ourselves, celebrate our beautiful differences and our unique gifts.

Goodness starts as a seed.  Do you have an idea for a good deed or an inspiration for an act of human kindness?… What you choose to do is up to you.

HQ will choose some efforts to travel full circle, and The Forest’s reward can be big or small. What is your daydream of Electric Forest 2018?…Whatever you hope will happen is fair game.”

To participate in The Wish Machine, fans must submit their Forest Dream along with what they’re willing to do to have their wish granted. For example, “If I make sandwiches for the homeless every day until EF2018, then Electric Forest will allow me to be on stage with my favorite headliner!”

Fans can also visit The EF’s Wish Machine online to see the kind, outrageous, and inspirational wishes of all their fellow Forest Family. Electric Forest will grant wishes by April of 2018.  The Wish Machine is live at ElectricForestFestival.com/wish.

Keep an eye out here for Electric Forest news and announcements to come.

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