We got a late holiday gift today from Goldenvoice, the production company behind Coachella today, in the form of the festival’s 2017 lineup.

This year’s incarnation will see the return of some familiar names like Radiohead, the xx, Bon Iver, New Order, and about 40% of the rest of the lineup. Not that a little repetition is necessarily a bad thing. I wouldn’t mind seeing Radiohead every year, much less every four years, but there are a bunch of less common and new names as well.

Intriguing additions include the incredible Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar back to back headliners, as well as a ‘Shelter’ installment from Porter Robinson and Madeon, the return of the Belleville Three and The Avalanches.

It looks like it’ll be yet another amazing weekend in the Yuma tent with Hot Since 82, BICEP, the Martinez Brothers, and Maya Jane Coles. No, I don’t have an inside line on who’s playing on what stage, but given the last few years, they seem like solid candidates. Forget Sahara, give me a dark, intimate club bathed in streams of light from a disco shark.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, January 4th at 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM EST. I copied the following directly from Coachella’s site for your convenience:

Check out our step‑by‑step guide for ordering instructions and, before ordering, please review the required reading on the Festival Rules & Info Guide and the Pass, Order & Shipping Info page. For additional questions, please review our Pass, Order & Shipping FAQs.

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