It’s important that deadmau5 keep a consistent stream of music coming out in order to overshadow the deluge of gossip pieces related to his lack of a filter on Twitter and in interviews.  Sadly, there’s plenty of that to go around, so he’s got his work cut out for him…self…

Thankfully, he’s got a new album on the horizon, due for release December 2nd and titled in the most arbitrary way, at least since “random album title.” This one’s name is the folder’s location on Joel’s home drive: W:/2016ALBUM.

To mark the occasion, he’s released an extended edit of his collab with indie singer-songwriter Gibbitz, titled “Let Go.” Clearly one of the centerpieces of the new album, “Let Go” is the final product of a song originally composed as an instrumental titled, “Silent Picture,” then Gibbitz uploaded a bootleg version with his vocals with a very deadmau5 name, “Blood for the Goats.” Joel saw it fit to combine the two, clean it up, and throw it on the album. It’s a long, reverb-soaked build into a kind of 80’s video game soundscape. It could easily be an outtake from the Tron soundtrack (either movie).

In combination with his recent collaboration with Kaskade on “Beneath With Me,” it would seem the old, cohesive and clever deadmau5 is back.

Take a listen below, then head here to pre-order W:/2016ALBUM and get an instant download of “Let Go.”


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