If you got anywhere even close to Soundcloud today, you’ve probably already heard “Phone Down” by Lost Kings, likely a few times. However, it’s just as likely that you let it play all the way through each and every time.

With a dancehall vibe and help on vocals from Emily Warren, the track is instantly and delightfully accessible, and centers around, you know, that friend. The one who will use or make up any excuse to unlock the phone that never leaves their hand, who gets caught up in a perpetual rabbit hole on their hand computer. They’re also the one you measure your own habits against, like late at night when your thumb aches from incessant scrolling all day and the kink in your neck is making it difficult to sleep, and you’re struggling to fall asleep thinking somebody in Sweden or Russia might have commented on your Instagram post, because it’s morning there and they’re just getting started. You’re bad, but at least you’re not him.

I have bad news for you, pal. You’re also that friend. Comparison is something alcoholics and other addicts do to justify their behavior. “At least I’m not that guy” will allow you to get away with anything, because there’s always going to be a “that guy,” no matter how bad it gets.

So press play, and do what Emily tells you, put that fucking phone down and talk to the person next to you. Even if it’s that guy.

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