You may not know the name Hayden James, and even if you do, you may not realize how big of a role he’s played in your musical life for the past few years.

Take a listen to his Remixes playlist below and you’ll no doubt hear at least one familiar song that this talented producer out of Australia left his indelible soft, dark mark on.

The great part is if you’re in Minneapolis or any of the other remaining lucky cities on his tour calendar, you can appreciate his music in person as part of his “Just a Lover” North American tour.

In the case of Minneapolis, this puts you in a very intimate venue, an opportunity you aren’t likely to see again in the area anytime soon. You can get up close and personal with somebody whose music is likewise up close and personal. At the core of Hayden James’ music is heart and house, and it was appropriate that I found his music like a lot of people did, through his involvement remixing and ultimately touring with Odesza (See track #3 above).

In his latest original, the namesake of the tour, he pulls you in with an intoxicating bassline and unwinds a story of a person in a casual relationship who finds they have more feelings than they realized, and ultimately who finds they want more than a booty call.

Check out the tour list below and head to for tickets and more information.


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