This is not an EP. This is possibly the best Drum and Bass ALBUM to come out so far this year. Hamilton definitely earned a promotion in my artist ranks. With contemporary, retro, and experimental elements, the Schema EP delivers everything I could ask from a DnB Album. Each tune is danceable and absolutely fun to listen to. I’ve had this pretty much on repeat since I got my promo copy and I still can’t get enough. Definitely expect any number of these tracks to be massaging dancefloors all around the world for the rest of the summer if not the rest of the year. You can pre-order here, or get your copy when it drops on Ram Records July 8th. Until then, here are all the available previews:

Been in Florida my whole life nurturing a love for all beats that break. Never released a track, but I’ve been producing for nearly 15 years and playing out as a DJ for at least 8. I ran Floridub.com on the side (until godaddy stole it form me) and also write for NuSkoolBreaks.co.uk as well as FloridaBreaks.org and Breaksculture.com. You can catch me mixing on the award-winning NSB Radio station every Tuesday night 8-10pm (EST).

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