As my obsession of hardstyle grows, so does the disappointment of where I live; the United States has not yet been one to adopt the incredibly popular European genre. With EDM showing no signs of slowing down in popular culture in the U.S., hardstyle is inevitably bound to gain a stronger presence as well. EDM kingpin Steve Aoki has announced that Coone will release his upcoming record on Aoki’s Dim Mak records.

This is exciting news. Since Q-Dance experimented (successfully) with their first U.S. stage at the Electric Daisy Carnival in 2012 (and are returning in 2013 as well), hardstyle is beginning to pick up momentum; the signing of Coone with Dim Mak only reinforces the trend.

Though personally not a huge fan of Aoki’s music, he has done wonders to keep EDM focused on where it needs to be: fun — that’s why he is one of the most popular acts around. With his endorsement of Coone, he is implicitly endorsing hardstyle as well. There will always be the pretentious purist who will find news such as this as threatening to the genre, but, in reality, this does nothing but promote the genre to Aoki’s and Dim Mak’s audiences; in turn, means we, the listeners and consumers, are only going to get exposed to more hardstyle content.

Mo’ hardstyle fo’ me son.

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