Lately, I’ve noticed an emergence of this funky-glitch-hoppy type of music. Griz and Grammatik seem to be the biggest guys in this sub-genre of neurofunk (that I know of, at least) but within the past two months, I’ve seen other noteworthy artists that are on the rise. One of them who isn’t very well known (but should be) is Nexus.

This 20-year-old Floridan clearly is all about the funk. He uses no samples in his tracks, and plays both the guitar and the piano. Take his song “Vintage”. Tagged as Vintage Bass on Soundcloud, the track incorporates Nexus’ overall musical talent by starting off with riffs from a piano (that he’s actually playing) with that funky deep bass beat.

This guy is clearly talented, and he’s so young! He has already gotten the support from Ellie Goulding on his “Bushido” remix, and he’s playing at the Sound Realm Festival in Stuart,  Florida, on the 22nd of June. He’s also got an E.P. set to release in August, which I am looking forward to. I’ll keep you guys updated about the release.

Listen and download Nexus’ “Vintage” here:




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