Finally, Chewy Chocolate Cookies is starting to receive the attention that he deserves. I’ve written about this Italian-based producer before (here’s the interview); he’s extremely talented, versatile, and a bit camera shy.  CCC’s music is sick and one of his tracks, “BOOM”, is on the top of my favorites list.

Wooha! Records presents BOUNCE, with remixes of “BOOM” by King Curtis, and another by Skyve. There’s also “Say What” by Joeysuki and the trap remix of “Bitches”  collab with Mightyfools and Yellow Claw’s Bizzey.

A lot of good trap and moombathon.  The remixes of “BOOM” are killer, and the trap remix of “Bitches” by Mightyfools feat. Bizzey is just killer.

You can buy it here, on Beatport or listen to the sample here:


1. Chewy Chocolate Cookies- BOOM (King Curtis Remix)

2. Mightyfools feat. Bizzey – Bitches (Mightyfools Trap Remix)

3. JOEYSUKI- Say What (Point.Blank Remix)

4. Chewy Chocolate Cookies- BOOM (Skyve Remix)

Hey there. I am originally from Los Angeles, studying journalism in Boston at Emerson College. I have always loved electronic music ever since I was a little girl and heard Daft Punk on the radio. I grew up engulfed in all different types of music, but electronic dance music really struck my heart. I also love photography and my favorite photos are candids of fans at events.