I completely forgot to report on this, but last night two of Canada’s greatest electronic producers (deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin) put on a special showcase at SXSW 2013 in Austin. The audio is completely screwed due to the bass but it’s still a good video that captures some of the essence of last night.

This is what true electronic music is about right here – two amazingly talented and enlightened producers doing a collaborative jam session live for their fans, without the adulteration of the parasites which are currently infiltrating the festival scene.

Before the live collaboration, the two spent an hour talking about music in front of a live audience. There were some great quotes, which I’ll summarize here:

On music technology:

Joel:I have considered the possibility of having two studio setups and treating them like two CDJs. Homeboy wants to play Levels, let him play it. But does he have a 32-part stem file of it? […] But then you are one man banding it again..

Rich: Wouldn’t it be good if we could have a new format? An 8-channel multi-file that we could all be playing with? As DJs we are a little handcuffed creatively.

On pop music:

Joel: I go to Pinkberry a lot – and they have a rather interesting playlist. You hear one song, and then you hear another one just like it by another dude. I am actually shocked that the record labels don’t just go home and make the music on their own! Cut out the middle man!

On music production:

Joel: ”It’s so cool today that people can just download demos [of production software] and try things out so easily”

Richie: “It’s great that it’s so easy – but is it better?”

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