At first glance this may seem like just another piece of work put out by the rumor mill but this story seems to have some serious credibility behind it. After all, a tour and performance at Ultra Music Festival 2014 would certainly make sense for Daft Punk after releasing a brand new album.

After the closing performance of Swedish House Mafia this past Sunday, Ultra posted these “cryptic” messages to Twitter:

Screenshot via Soundisstyle

However, the tweets were quickly deleted and replaced with a simple emoticon:

There’s a puzzle being put together right now and these are just some of the pieces. You may remember that WhiteRaverRafting recently posted some photos of Guy-Manuel and Thomas Bangalter at Ultra this past Sunday night. First thought to be fake, they have been confirmed as real.

UMF 2013 has barely wrapped up and with UMF 2014 a year away, there will be surely be more information to arise regarding the possibility of Daft Punk headlining the event. We’ll keep you posted and (hopefully) filter out the BS.

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