Call me a band-wagoner, but I’ve been a Gareth Emery fan since his hit, “Sanctuary,” played during some DJ’s radio hour on XM’s Electric Area. I distinctly remember feeling that sense of ease and calm that trance provided me back before it took a turn for more aggressive sounds. After writing down who I was listening to on my iPhone notes, I immediately got to work and made a playlist of the most popular Emery tracks on YouTube. That was a good day of work.

After listening to Emery for hours that day, I was delighted that there was still a popular DJ who produced the type of trance that I felt was being ignored. Even with his more electro house-influenced track, “Tokyo,” he still manages to squeeze in trance synths that will please fans of both genres.

Although I do appreciate much of the new trance that is heavily influenced by house and its sub-genres, I still go to trance expecting an experience of submissive melodies, vocals, and — dare I say it — its feminine mystique. Where one might be hard pressed to sleep to much of the house and dubstep, trance always leaves me with a calm stasis and sweet dreams.

This Saturday I have been invited to see him play at Las Vegas’ extravagant Marquee nightclub in the Cosmopolitan resort. I’ve been to many club shows, but, I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen a trance artist play at a club. Where house or dubstep DJs tend to mix quickly and have tracks suited for the attention-deficit club goers, trance is a genre that is typically appreciated by EDM-heads and purists. It will be an interesting dichotomy to say the least. Maybe Emery will ditch trance’s long introductions, lengthy tracks, and dominating synths, and adjust tracks accordingly to the club atmosphere and expectations. But, after seeing Gareth Emery at last year’s Electric Daisy Carnival playing, I feel he’ll be more than capable creating a good time for the club goers. So stayed tuned for an event review soon after.

If you are in the Las Vegas area and want to hit up this event, head over to the Marquee’s website and purchase tickets:

Side-note: Have 5 hours to kill? Good. Watch and listen to Emery’s 5 hour mix-binge in Manchester.

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