This weekend was monumental in a number of ways. Saturday marked the last stop of Swedish House Mafia‘s “One Last Tour” and I can honestly say it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. The memories are bittersweet because as amazing as the night was, I couldn’t help but feel a little depressed as the credits rolled (yes, there were credits) because the night was over. I know the Swedes will be doing tons of individual shows and, let’s be serious, this isn’t the last time we’re going to see all three of them together, but everyone came together so perfectly it was hard to say goodbye.

I took the metro to LA Historic Park and got in around 5pm. Security was fast and easy and the weather was perfect. I was able to catch the last of Clockwork‘s set in The Ballroom – just enough time to go crazy and feel the tent shaking. After a quick detour to the beer garden, we then went to check out AN21 and Max Vangeli. They were fun but we were really there for the following acts. Zedd was great and surprisingly threw down some trap anthems like “Harlem Shake”. I loved the way he mixed up the best of all EDM genres and he interacted with the crowd throughout his set.

Alesso followed Zedd and he did not disappoint. He went hard and played fan favorites like “Years” and his newest Adele mashup with “Clash”. By the time his set was through the crowd was buzzing with anticipation. Even though I saw plenty of spoiler videos and photos from the tour, Swedish House Mafia still swept me off my feet. The intro featured images flashing on a giant sheet as mechanical noises played. The sheet dropped about a minute later with the group launching into “Greyhound”. The crowd went nuts and the lyrics could be heard from every single member of the audience.


I was lucky enough to catch SHM at Coachella last year so this performance was reminiscent of the explosive pyrotechnics and onslaught of lasers. They repeated “Don’t You Worry Child” a few times throughout the show, but everyone loved it because the lyrics painted the perfect picture of the unity and happiness felt during the tour. For two hours the 35,000 member audience danced and sang along to every Swedish House Mafia hit. There were also tons of fireworks, I’m sure something that other tour stops missed due to indoor venues. Overall, the night was perfect and one of the best productions I’ve ever seen. Swedish House Mafia will be missed but at least we all have amazing memories to carry with us until we meet again.

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