Ultra Music Festival may be one of the largest and most well known festivals around the world. Skrillex is one of the biggest producers in his self made genre, and one of the most well known. With that being said, time for a little review of his past and present work.

When I first started listening to Skrilly, I fell in love with his sample work. My Name Is Skrillex could be heard blaring out my headphones in every class. People began to take notice, and by the end of the semester, student council was bumping it out of the speakers on our quad. This went on for the rest of my high school career, eventually culminating in the realization that this former post hardcore singer had the ability to be the Tiësto of our time.

Then there was Wobbleland. What I mean by this is 2,000 ravers, the dirtiest dub lineup I ever had the pleasure of encountering, and FREE WATER. I don’t know about you guys, but free water is a freakin’ luxury to have at a rave. Skrillex came on just after 12th Planet obliterated his set. Skrillex was amazing, the crowd was already hyped, the air was thick with sweat and bass, and there was nothing stopping Sonny from throwing down one of the sickest sets I’ve ever seen. The man stage dives like it’s no one’s business.

This gave me a taste of what was to come. Dog Blood, one of the biggest collaborations between two  top producers in different genres (Skrillex and Boys Noize), has just had their second live appearance since the inception of their collab. At Ultra Nonetheless.

In their ever evolving style, they of course broke their set open with a few of their personal favorites, and the rest is as they say… History.

I’ll let you decide anything further than that. Here’s the set… Enjoy!

Whats Good? I’m Josh, born and raised in North East Los Angeles, 20 years young, and I grew up loving hard rock (listened to rob zombie in first grade), graduated into West Coast Rap (like the ten other white boys in my town) and then there was Alive 2007. That was the end of it. Ever since that day, I’ve been all about Beats and Bass, and I don’t plan on EVER going back. So, If your ever at an EDM show in L.A… look out for the crazy kid with a fisheye :p.