Dillon Francis control freak

Dillon Francis seems to be man who never sleeps.

He is constantly working on new songs, remixes, videos, etc… from Taco Bell to Bootleg Fireworks. He’s starting to make a real name for himself.

Mr. Francis recently released a new preview available for purchase on March 26th, called Messages. The preview showcases some of Dillon’s signature styles, such as his avid sample work. To say that I am stoked about the new song would be the understatement of the year. Whenever he previews a song, almost every single time, he’s hiding something special up his sleeve.

Take a second and listen to the beginnings of something awesome…

Whats Good? I’m Josh, born and raised in North East Los Angeles, 20 years young, and I grew up loving hard rock (listened to rob zombie in first grade), graduated into West Coast Rap (like the ten other white boys in my town) and then there was Alive 2007. That was the end of it. Ever since that day, I’ve been all about Beats and Bass, and I don’t plan on EVER going back. So, If your ever at an EDM show in L.A… look out for the crazy kid with a fisheye :p.