The mighty Bladerunner is a fairly unique quantity in the Drum & Bass scene in terms of being one of few producers making what can truly be called modern Jungle. While the influence of early 90s jungle records can be heard throughout the D&B scene in one way or another, the sounds are particularly prevalent in Bladerunner’s work, but without it sounding like a nostalgic throwback. The man has taken the classic sound and made it his own, as evidenced by classic tracks like Who Jah Bless.

His latest single for RAM Records sub-label ProgRAM brings to bear his inimitable style across a pair of hefty dancefloor oriented tunes. Late Night Caller opens the release up with a classic old school intro before dropping into a rising reese bassline and and a seriously heavy jungle breakbeat. Over on the flip Fusion takes things to deeper, darker territory, with a rolling beat and some growling sub action. The crisp, tight snares fans of Bladerunner’s work have known to love are present throughout, and both tracks have an insistence which is hard to argue with. Watch out for this one dropping March 18th!

Fell in love with Drum & Bass a few years ago and never looked back! I’ve been DJing around Glasgow for a few years (mostly as a resident at the monthly Symbiosis night) and producing for around a year now. Watch out for plenty more from me over the coming year! Check out my sounds at and my blog at