Dave Edwards


Hailing from BROOKLYN, Dave Edwards brings us some light feel good electro-pop for your weekend playlists. The original track released by The Knocks, is a feel good summer jam. Resembling the original, this tune gets lifted up out of its Americana pop roots, tossed with a melodic electro beat, shaken over smooth vocals, and served in a silver challis for your listening pleasure! Oh… and its a free Facebook download! Check out his SoundCloud and Facebook.



Currently kickin’ it in South Boston but originally hailing from New York, my parents call me Sam but since the sixth grade everyone else has called me Streeter. By day I’m a technology teacher and by night I bounce to the beat in this city of mine. Grew up playing various stringed instruments, but didn’t get involved in EDM till I ventured to Bentley University. Big fan of all things progressive and dutch, with a respect for anything unique and original.

Where you can follow me:
Twitter: @street_tweets13
Instagram: @street_shots
SoundCloud: Streetunes
Facebook: street11235 — DJs send your stuff to my “Other” inbox