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Orlando has always had a strong music scene, so it’s no surprise that two of the biggest names in bass music wound up there for their first Florida show this year. Outside of the Ultra/ WMC parties, last Friday was the only chance for Floridians to see two of bass music’s most highly regarded pioneers and innovators, Cookie Monsta and Funtcase. I was among the few who were lucky enough to be allowed inside the luxurious Club Firestone to attend this event. I say that because if the show didn’t sell out, I honestly have no idea where they could’ve fit another body in that venue. These fans were serious too. From where I posted up at the bar I could see the door and it didn’t look like anybody left before the lights came on. Considering their contributions to bass music, this is the crowd that Cookie Monsta and Funtcase deserve.

funmonsta crowd After a healthy setup from the resident DJs, Funtcase took the decks just before midnight and began a relentless bass assault that would not let up before the show ended. Armed with an unfathomably deep catalog of unreleased originals and remixes, the mask-donning damager delivered an onslaught of epic bangers, skillfully blended together in tasteful ways. I was impressed. Funtcase wasn’t afraid to transition through BPMs, styles or subgenres, touching on plenty of dubstep and DnB, with a little trap sprinkled on top.

As if to remind me how young the new generation of producers are, you could hear the youth in his voice when Cookie Monsta introduced himself. Then, building on the energy charged up by Funtcase, The Monsta took over and seemingly in an attempt to overload everyone’s brain circuitry, set the bass cannons to kill. funtmonsta hh girls I’m guessing he dropped mostly originals as well because he played so many wicked tunes I have never heard before, all with that same European dubstep bass flavor I’ve come to associate with Cookie Monsta. The tracks kept building off each other until Funtcase came out for their back-to-back finale and all shit sprung loose. Club Firestone’s cryo chambers are probably the only thing that kept the roof from catching fire. The energy peaked when one of the boys dropped a remix of DJ Fresh’s ‘Gold Dust’, and entire crowd was singing along.

All and all it was a solid show. Good music, good crowd and good vibes. I had a really rad time and I suggest that if you have a chance to catch Funtcase & Cookie Monsta while they’re in the states, don’t miss out.


Been in Florida my whole life nurturing a love for all beats that break. Never released a track, but I’ve been producing for nearly 15 years and playing out as a DJ for at least 8. I ran on the side (until godaddy stole it form me) and also write for as well as and You can catch me mixing on the award-winning NSB Radio station every Tuesday night 8-10pm (EST).

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