Dirtyphonics brings the heat with another hit EP, Walk in the Fire. From the very beginning, their signature style of drum and bass comes through again for an all around great experience.

Their album titled hit, un-remixed of course, has the heavy hitting basslines you expect from no one else in the drum and bass genre, combined with the heavy metal people, like myself, loved in seventh grade. All around, a great release with equally heavy hitting and rhythmic remixes by Schoolboy (the legend) and the not so infamous but ultimately unparalleled Culprate.

But this album got me to thinking, mostly about Skrillex’s meteoric rise and why he was such a success after moving from post-hardcore to creating his own style of one of the worlds least known genres of the time. Honestly, this is what I was expecting to hear from Sonny after knowing where his roots lay, then hearing that he was moving to the world of EDM.

With that being said, I’m glad he left it to our friends in France, because they are killing it! Dim Mak Records has been throwing some killer tracks down for the past few years, and Steve Aoki knows it. If you were anything like me in seventh grade and loved a kick ass rhythm and a riff to melt your face to; or a lover of Drum and Bass, give this album a look.

Whats Good? I’m Josh, born and raised in North East Los Angeles, 20 years young, and I grew up loving hard rock (listened to rob zombie in first grade), graduated into West Coast Rap (like the ten other white boys in my town) and then there was Alive 2007. That was the end of it. Ever since that day, I’ve been all about Beats and Bass, and I don’t plan on EVER going back. So, If your ever at an EDM show in L.A… look out for the crazy kid with a fisheye :p.