The Bloody Beetroots are officially the first electronic act to announce their own social media platform. Using the same backend as Lady Gaga‘s Little Monsters website, the online community will incorproate other media platforms such as YouTube, Soundcloud, and will offer photo uploading and sharing functionality.

The website, dubbed Church of Noise, is described as a “safe haven” for artists, where they can ultimately collaborate and share with peace of mind of knowing their audience will be like-minded individuals. The site’s description reads “where dance music meets rebellion.”

The new platform is not entirely unique – last year Beatport announced a similar social sharing platform where artists could link their various social network accounts.

Head over to to request an invite!


02.28.13 Berlin, Germany
03.01.13 Wiesbaden, Germany
03.02.13 Zurich, Switzerland
03.04.13 Milan, Italy
03.06.13 Amsterdam, Holland
03.08.13 Dublin, UK
03.09.13 London, UK
03.12.13 Bielefeld, Germany
03.13.13 Brussels, Belgium
03.14.13 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
03.15.13 Strasbourg, France
03.16.13 Paris, France
03.22.13 WMC, Miami, USA

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