UNPATTERNS_LIVE_PACKSHOTOh me oh my, can it be true? First we get word that Daft Punk is releasing a new album this year, and now I hear that Simian Mobile Disco is releasing a new one as well?!

It is true, folks, Simian Mobile Disco is going to be releasing their first album since 2005. This new album, titled “Live” will be available on April 15th, through Delicacies Records.

The album was recorded while James Ford and Jas Shaw (aka Simian Mobile Disco) were on tour last year. The whole album was recorded during a performance in Philadelphia, with one take, and no edits… how’s that for skill!!

The new album will include reworks of some of the duo’s famous tracks such as ‘Hustler’ and ‘The Beat’, and will also introduce you to new tracks… I can’t wait!!

Enjoy this preview of what’s to come from this duo:

Hey there. I am originally from Los Angeles, studying journalism in Boston at Emerson College. I have always loved electronic music ever since I was a little girl and heard Daft Punk on the radio. I grew up engulfed in all different types of music, but electronic dance music really struck my heart. I also love photography and my favorite photos are candids of fans at events.