n fish2

Fresh on my radar is this Austrian duo called Naked Fish. As soon as I saw their logo I could tell they’re serious about making some waves in the industry, and after hearing their new EP I’m convinced of it. With a catchy name, a distinctly clean logo and back catalog of free quality remixes, these guys have strategically poised themselves for attack on the bass music scene.

Tastemaker, Mainframe Recordings, recognized Naked Fish’s ambition and is backing the duo for their debut release, which is nothing short of spectacular. The EP delivers everything that bass heads need. The A-Side has an over-the-top, obnoxiously aggressive banger garnished with the sensual vocals of Delight, while the B-Side backs off and delivers a more melodic approach to the bass discharge. As a whole, I see this EP getting some serious play throughout the rest of the Winter months. Check out the previews below, and grab your copy when it drops on January 21st.

Been in Florida my whole life nurturing a love for all beats that break. Never released a track, but I’ve been producing for nearly 15 years and playing out as a DJ for at least 8. I ran Floridub.com on the side (until godaddy stole it form me) and also write for NuSkoolBreaks.co.uk as well as FloridaBreaks.org and Breaksculture.com. You can catch me mixing on the award-winning NSB Radio station every Tuesday night 8-10pm (EST).

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