Most notable for their “Top 100” charts, Billboard is actually one of the oldest music publications, dating back to 1894. You’d think someone with such a long career in the music industry would have a grip on what’s hot and what’s not. They do to some extent, but their latest addition leaves me wondering. The newest expansion to their online charting website is the intridocution of a “Dance / Electronic” chart.

Any beloved EDM fan would assume that artists such as Nicky Romero, Hardwell, Tiesto, and Avicii would own this chart – afterall, those are the top players in this industry right? However, it looks like the curators over at Billboard failed to recognize what real electronic dance music is. If they wanted this chart to be an accurate depiction of what people are actually listening in the world of dance music, they would have chosen a medium other than radio to pull this data from.

Artists such as Skrillex and Zedd do make appearances on the list (who are arguably ‘pop’ anyway), however the top 10 spots are dominated entirely by cheesy radio pop artists – PSY, Ne-Yo, Ludacris, Pitbull.

When will real EDM get the recognition it deserves?


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