I like showing love to the little guy, because it’s the little guy that’s hungrier and hustling harder than anyone else out there. Dance music (specificly deep house) is full of these crazy-talented, often overlooked musicians and it’s our job at ElectroJams to make sure you hear it here first.

Enter Marc Milberg, aka Maarc. We can call this San Diego indie electronic prodigy “small time” all we want, and I’m sure he’ll just keep pumping out dimes and gettin love from the likes of NME Magazine. Not bad for somebody with under 100 Facebook fans. But in all seriousness, his most recent track Higher blew my mind this week and left me wanting more. The lilting highs, and layer over layer production value makes this a song that you’ll find yourself listening to again and again because you know you still haven’t heard it all.

My advice? Stay tuned on this kid, because the best is yet to come. Like his page, check out his soundcloud, and do a little rain dance so tracks this drippin wet keep coming.

Don’t forget to pick up a free download of Higher.

You heard it here first.

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