While some producers churn out release after release, Flux Pavilion has had a very quiet 2012. Yes Flux has toured the US (but that’s pretty much an expected and necessary part of an artist’s plan these days), but he’s also been promising an album for nearly a year. Outside of a couple collaborative efforts, we’ve seen no singles or any hint of an album from Flux. Although Flux told ElectroJams that his album was now an eight track EP slated to come out “end of November, maybe the first week of December” we still haven’t got that album.  But as the Mayan apocalypse has come and gone, we’ve now got two previews from Fluxy.

“Blow The Roof” is the first preview we have for you.  As the title track of the forthcoming EP (now slated for 1/28), I expected something that hit hard. But as someone who has been a long-time supporter of Flux Pavilion, I am pretty disappointed with this.  For some reason, the Circus crew seems to be infatuated with the 110-bpm/moombah sound.  I am all for artists exploring their sound, but Circus’ affinity for this style seems to be just a trend jump.  Rather than actually working to evolve his sound, Flux merely changed the structure to fit a new style, without actually changing anything else at all.  Combining the extended waiting period with the lackluster result, this track just reeks of apathy.

With the next one, Flux gets some redemption.  The second preview is a hip-hop inspired dubstep track that features bars from indie rapper Childish Gambino.  Flux employs his melodic flair to deliver a pulverizing blow as the bass drops. Funny enough, normally when I hear an MC spit over a dubstep beat and I can’t stand it, but this isn’t the case here.  “Do Or Die” balances the punishing bass that’s made Flux so popular, with a melodic structure that allows Gambino to shine. Rather than compete for the spotlight, the two talented artists combine to make a throughly enjoyable track.


Flux Pavilion’s Blow The Roof EP comes out January 28th via Circus Records/Big Beat

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