CENObanner2 (1)

What do you get when you take two musicians with an orchestral background and add RAZOR as their weapon of choice? You get Cenob1te, rising stars in the EDM scene, mashing hardcore dubstep with subtle orchestrations. Hyperion, their latest banger, blends their knowledge of cadences (interesting musical phrases that really accentuate the mood of a piece) with their insatiable lust for massive, crowd terrorizing basslines. I’ve long been a fan of these two, and they certainly have progressed from a group that was on the sidelines in production to one of the fastest growing names in the game. They continue to get better with each release, and “Hyperion” is sure to get any crowd crawling back for more.. That is if they can stand this monster of a tune 😉

Please, give them their fare share of love, they’re fucking incredible.