Chris Lake & Michael Woods – Black Thong

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Michael Woods seems to be focusing well on his goal of “bettering the quality of his music” (as if it wasn’t quality before!). His recent production, “Black Thong,” featuring Chris Lake, is a quality production by all means. Starting off with some beautiful piano chords stabbing out a nostalgic melody, a kick drum starts to pound away while nice top melodies compliment the music. The intro builds well and is very clean, with an energetic anthemic vibe going. Even with all these elements playing, it still gives off the vibe that it is leading to another epic buildup, in which that assumption is pleased by a breakdown filled by a bunch of siren-like/trippy buildup noises that you can just tell are about to lead to some sort of sick electro drop.

The snare roll and buildup pounds away, begging to be relieved, before being interrupted by…”YEAH!”

The drop is pretty sick, with a stabby whaling synth, similar to the sound in “Annie’s Theme,” by Afrojack (but different in it’s own way, of course). The normal 4/4 kick drums we are used to hearing are in a slightly different pattern, contributing very well to the groove of this drop. In addition, the kick is HUGE, taking up most of the fat bass end as well.

The melody and overall chord progression from the intro is brought in again after the major breakdown, and undergoes its morphing throughout the rest of the song, creating tension as it builds to the last drop, which I expected to be the same electro style drop as the first, but instead the original melody comes back in after another snare roll and plays its beautiful high end melody, courtesy of some FAT appropriately-picked synths.

Overall solid production embracing the current style of mixing progressive and electro elements. It wasn’t until the end of this song; however, that I realized this song has nothing to do with a black thong. Regardless, check out this solid track that I am sure will make the playlist of many DJs and listeners in the near future.

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