Coming from one of Holland’s most promising production talents, the same man who brought us “Epic,” is a truly masterful piece of progressive electro.  With some catchy synths to set the mood, the bottom of this bouncy beat drops out to make way for a smooth grand piano line that blends perfectly into a feel good build-up.  Sandro Silva shows off his talent not only in controlling the audible ecosystem, but also on the piano which he acquired through years of study.  This track is certainly not a conventional piece of EDM but it stays true to Silva’s motto of keeping his sound fresh and innovative.

You can grab it on Beatport here

Currently kickin’ it in South Boston but originally hailing from New York, my parents call me Sam but since the sixth grade everyone else has called me Streeter. By day I’m a technology teacher and by night I bounce to the beat in this city of mine. Grew up playing various stringed instruments, but didn’t get involved in EDM till I ventured to Bentley University. Big fan of all things progressive and dutch, with a respect for anything unique and original.

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