Watch out Bieber, it’s a cruel world out there. Good thing you have Zedd looking out for you!

Sometimes I wake up and I read these headlines and I think to myself, “What if these pseudo-celeb artists are just sitting around in the studio, bored as hell, thinking: ‘How can we fuck with our fans?'” So either Zedd is just a master troll, or he really doesn’t listen to or read the shit that comes out of his mouth. You may recall my recent rant about Zedd and Lady Gaga supposedly being good friends and how their “pop EDM” could potentially ruin EDM. This just makes me think even lower of Zedd.

You also may recall last year when Justin Bieber told USA Today “What’s big right now are beats that are in the clubs, like dubstep. So I want to mess with that stuff.” Key words people: what’s big right now. Justin Bieber doesn’t give a fuck or shit about what dubstep is or where it came from. He is a puppet that will do whatever the people who write his music and manage his career tell him to do. I guarantee he doesn’t even know how to write dubstep or know how many beats per minute it is. So how can Zedd, a talented artist, actually say As Long As You Love Me is a good song?

“I only just got to hear the whole song and I thought it was amazing,” he says. “First of all it is an amazing production, whoever produced that song. Let’s take Ellie Goulding. Ellie Goulding is an incredible singer and one of the coolest artists out there at the moment. If she sang that song everyone would love it. Everyone would love it! And there would be no hate because it’s a great song, it’s written really well and it would be a great vocal performance. But it’s easy to hate on Justin Bieber just because there has to be that person that everyone loves to hate. But I think it’s a fantastic song and I’m happy to be the person to speak it out loud because I don’t care, I really love that song.”

He goes on to say, “People have a lot of prejudice, they love to hate,” he continued. “I would much more appreciate people saying what they love than bitching about what they don’t like.”

I’m sorry Zedd but you’ve reached the ultimate douche status. You started this war and the best you can respond with on Twitter is “cool bro! I don’t give a shit!” and “grow up”? You obviously need some clarity.

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