So it’s no secret that Lady Gaga and Zedd are friends, as he’s gone on tour with her and she’s even asked him to do remixes for her. At one point she’s even said that she has a “major musical boner” for Zedd. Well that’s all fine, I guess, although I agree with other musicians who have said they’ll never collaborate with major pop artists (well, I guess deadmau5 kind of broke that promise recently). I mean it just makes sense, right? They’re both popular artists and they’re even on the same label. But remember the article I posted the other day, how Infected Mushroom said that one of the sacrifices you make with electronic music becoming mainstream is that you have people who will not be able to distinguish dance music from pop music?

That is essentially my entire point here. Lady Gaga is one of the biggest and most successful names in pop music right now. Because her voice is so unique and recognizable, you can add it to any EDM track and well, it will just sound like a Lady Gaga track. I mean hell, she’s even tagged her vocal version of Zedd’s Stache as ‘pop’ on her Soundcloud. In her vocal version, she uses the line “DJ Zedd… Turn this up / Let’s get messed up” which is probably about as cliché as you can get in a pop song.

I have no qualms with like-minded and creative people collaborating together. That’s how brilliant pieces are composed. My issue lies with how the public will interpret these collaborations, and they trouble they will encounter when trying to disassociate pop music from dance music. The last thing I want is for the uninformed and unenlightened masses who think radio / pop music is EDM to be showing up at the shows and festivals I attend.

And now I turn the microphone to you guys: the readers, who silently read and listen what we post. What are your thoughts as major musical artists collaborating and labeling their works “pop music”?

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  • “pop” is short for “popular.” if a particular EDM song is popular, it can (and will) be considered pop. especially if it’s gaga or rihanna on it. there’s rap music that can be considered “pop” because it’s popular.

    • You’re right that anything can become “popular music” however today’s modern radio / pop music is completely algorithmic and is written specifically to be played on the radio repeatedly. Modern pop music features extremely simple melodies that are very catchy and lyrics that are easily memorizable. Additionally, the lyrics are written to reflect current and trending topics. Emphasis is on production quality rather than artistry or live performances.

      The only similarity between pop music and dance music are that they contain danceable beats. But the intention and production behind the music is worlds apart.

      • “Modern pop music features extremely simple melodies that are very catchy” sounds a LOT like the most popular EDM tracks from any era, though.

        • True, but that’s one minor similarity and frankly the shit on the radio is a rip off of dance music’s beats and melodies. You have to also consider the people writing the music, their intention, and you also have to take into consideration the lyrical content as well.

          • true, but then again you’re the one saying that zedd and gaga will ruin EDM, which is hardly the case. EDM might be one of the most resourceful scenes, as it ALWAYS has the underground to fall back on. EDM getting its shine on in the US is going to have its negatives, as it is with any genre, but in the long run it’ll help.

  • It’s not going to ruin EDM or make it no longer underground. If people get into Zedd because of Gaga, and then get into Knife Party and Porter Robinson because of Zedd, they’ll find real EDM and realize pop music is lame.

    • Maybe. Many people can’t really tell the difference between Zedd / Porter Robinson and what’s on the radio. Its only a matter of time until people call Lady gaga EDM.

      • If people can’t tell the difference, than is there really one? Frankly, pop music regularly borrows from underground music. In the 80s it was synth / electronica, in the 90s grunge / alternative, and now it’s EDM. Frankly, this article comes across as mix of being elitist and ‘get of my lawn’ style crotchety old man. The only people who shouldn’t be welcome at an EDM festival would be anyone causing a disruption. What do you care if someone is there because they like pop music, or are a ‘true’ fan of EDM? As long as they are participating and not disrupting things, it’s good for the genre.

        • I certainly didn’t intend for it to be “necessarily,” I’m just wanted to express my concern over the exploitation of EDM. I don’t want people calling dance music “pop music” or vice versa, that’s really what it comes down to. EDM should be appreciated and enjoyed, not used, abused, and disposed of which is what the pop world is all about.

  • I mostly agree with you but how is this any different from what people like Guetta and Calvin Harris have been doing the past couple of years?

    • It’s really not, I just wouldn’t expect this from Zedd…

  • fuck electro jams

    you’re an imbecile clown man you don’t know anything about music or being a half-decent person. you should shut this site down because ironically enough YOU are one of those uninformed unenlightened people. music has no need for classification, if people like music and it makes them feel good then fuck anything else. who the fuck are you to clown on zedd and gaga when in reality both of them are 20x more talented and 50x richer than your sorry ass will ever be. and you think real edm fans at those shows don’t think the same about you? you think you’re elitist but in reality you’re a buffoon. i’m sad that people take your opinion serioiusly. you’re the opposite of batman. i can’t say anything worse than that. for shame.

    • Come down off the ketamine, then we’ll talk. 🙂

  • andrew


    I really like the approach you took with this editorial. It’s a bold move for you to be critical about this subject and I holistically agree.

    Fuck lady gaga and her pointless vocals on ‘Stache’…

    • Thanks for the support @7859f4441b20393ec1b36fd58ec34d74:disqus! I knew I was taking a chance with this article…

  • Jimmy Spoon

    I honestly feel like this is just a piece of what comes along with EDM being on the rise in popularity. I mean, some of the biggest and best in the scene right now are working with pop icons, I mean, Steve Aoki has done tracks with LMFAO, Kid Cudi, and countless others yet he still has a lot of respect from the majority of the scene from what i can tell. I guess its just all how you look at it. Honestly, i feel like this isn’t the most detrimental thing to the scene currently. I feel like this supposed DJ reallity show is gonna bring more attention but at the same time expose the scene in ways that most don’t want it to be. So i guess we should just take the good with the bad and enjoy the music. Thats what i think matters most. At the end of the day, its all just music.

    • DJ reality show? Are you talking about Simon Cowell’s DJ X-Factor?

  • oed706

    I FUCKING HATE IT when producers aren’t properly credited with producing something. But it always gives me a chuckle when that one rihanna song or nicki minaj song comes on that is obviously electro house, and people call it pop. Heh. But I’m surprised you didn’t call out on this earlier. Example’s Playing In The Shadows album has production from a ton of artists I see on Beatport and such. It’s always been the way that there is someone behind what you hear on the radio. So it’s really up to the listener, who can say “I want to hear more music like this” and find out that that one song about some kids playing with machines is actually a Deadmau5 song. If they want to go further they can. It’s all about which pill they want to take.

  • Gabe

    It can be called as WHATEVER, it can be labeled as WHATEVER, since its music, its fun or artistic or even both, it wont matter. like, who the fuck cares? The remix is great, and I dont know about EDM music fans, but I feel completely ok with that. I mean, its SUPPOSED to be fun, it doesnt always have to have a deep meaning. Why is it better or worse without her vocals, or without the whole collaboration thing going on? What if he hated her and kept his distance off of “mainstream” music or so called, would he be a better artist? Oh god people… I’m done.