So it’s no secret that Lady Gaga and Zedd are friends, as he’s gone on tour with her and she’s even asked him to do remixes for her. At one point she’s even said that she has a “major musical boner” for Zedd. Well that’s all fine, I guess, although I agree with other musicians who have said they’ll never collaborate with major pop artists (well, I guess deadmau5 kind of broke that promise recently). I mean it just makes sense, right? They’re both popular artists and they’re even on the same label. But remember the article I posted the other day, how Infected Mushroom said that one of the sacrifices you make with electronic music becoming mainstream is that you have people who will not be able to distinguish dance music from pop music?

That is essentially my entire point here. Lady Gaga is one of the biggest and most successful names in pop music right now. Because her voice is so unique and recognizable, you can add it to any EDM track and well, it will just sound like a Lady Gaga track. I mean hell, she’s even tagged her vocal version of Zedd’s Stache as ‘pop’ on her Soundcloud. In her vocal version, she uses the line “DJ Zedd… Turn this up / Let’s get messed up” which is probably about as cliché as you can get in a pop song.

I have no qualms with like-minded and creative people collaborating together. That’s how brilliant pieces are composed. My issue lies with how the public will interpret these collaborations, and they trouble they will encounter when trying to disassociate pop music from dance music. The last thing I want is for the uninformed and unenlightened masses who think radio / pop music is EDM to be showing up at the shows and festivals I attend.

And now I turn the microphone to you guys: the readers, who silently read and listen what we post. What are your thoughts as major musical artists collaborating and labeling their works “pop music”?

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