Crowds of sweaty, noisy and bass fueled EDC/ Tomorrowland festival goers were introduced this year to “Madness”. Belgian duo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike have managed to, quite frankly, spoil our ears with a new collaboration consisting of a third Belgian producer, Coone, who is known for his hardstyle infused tracks. If one cameo isn’t enough, try two.

Possibly America’s best hype-man, Lil Jon introduces the foursome and prepares us for the fury that “Madness” brings to the floor. When any artist in electronic music partners with Lil Jon, I tend to be skeptical of the outcome. His rant is used throughout most of the song, but is something I found to be useful in the buildup. The vocals compliment the aggression of the synth sprinkled bass and make for an exciting drop every time. Look forward to its release on Dim Mak Records this November 20th.

I am a 20 year old self proclaimed music fiend and am artistically curious for the abstract. I fell in love with the world of EDM shortly after my introduction to high school. Since then, I have always made it a priority to listen to something new everyday. Every song has a listener, that’s why Electrojams is here. Peace