LA’s Schoolboy is a young, fast-rising producer with a heavy yet melodic touch.  Whether it’s at 110bpm, 128bpm, or 140bpm, Schoolboy   is constantly bringing the gnarliness that few bring.   The ableton producer is part of the Circle Talent family and has released on Excision’s Rottun, and now Dieselboy’s SubHuman, who knows what’s next?

So thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, I appreciate it

Yeah man no problem,

So you’ve got “Aftershock” out today, and just from the teaser we know a couple things: It’s out next tuesday on SubHuman, you’ve got a music video premiering for it with the release on Bass Union, and the actual track goes hard as shit while remaining melodic. So I have a 2 part question: Where does this track come from? WIth music videos still a relatively new aspect of bass music, how did this one come about?

Well I first of all, I wanted to make a tune at 128bpm. I feel like I’ve been releasing a lot good amount of dubstep/110 music this year; so I wanted to create something a bit different but still be able to incorporate the same elements. I wanted to make something aggressive and not use the traditional electro house kick and snare.. I’m really into music that’s always building up, pitching up…progressive; so I wanted to mix that in. As far as the video, the idea behind Aftershock comes from circuit bending. If anyone is unfamiliar with circuit bending, it a process of connecting different circuits and rerouting the wires to make crazy glitchy, but beautiful noises. So the boy in the video is doing this throughout the whole song, and at first it was just an idea. Later we sat down with the director and figured out a cool budget, and it worked out in the end.

Do you do any actual circuit bending now? Do you plan to do it in the future?

No, I’m just a fan of it. I’ve always been in love with the whole idea, and watching people do their thing. It’s time consuming….and yeah, when I have the time, I’ll sit down and do a few projects.  I used to build my own cables too.

I know Huoratron has done it a lot, and I like the DIY attitude, so I have a lot of respect for anyone who does do that.

Yeah, absolutely.

And now with this release, you’re releasing on Dieselboy’s SubHuman, after releasing on Excision’s Rottun and having Skrillex play your tunes out, Why did you go with SubHuman versus any of the other labels?

Well I felt like SubHuman took a very good interest in the song and really wanted to release the song. Recently, I started talking to Dieselboy, he was a big fan of my antidote remix and after that, we hit it off and it worked out.

And if there’s something Dieselboy knows, it’s how a tune plays, because he’s an incredible DJ.

Oh yeah man! He’s been around for a good while, and it’s always great getting respect from people like that.

And following you on twitter, we know you’ve got some upcoming work with fellow rising bass producer James Egbert, when are we going to hear that?

Oh man, that’s an amazing project. It’s already finished, we made three tracks, 110 bpm, 128bpm, and 140bpm so we covered the whole spectrum. We based it off making big, cinematic, orchestra, epic breaks and builds. I feel like that’s very untouched right now, where you have the climactic orchestra, it’s very dynamic, think Hans ZImmer. Every time we play the songs, they go off, so I’m really anxious into release this EP.

Is that going to be a one-time thing or is this going to be a project and tour together?

Well we’ve been talking about it. We have some real good chemistry in and out of the studio, but I don’t know. Maybe we’ll just keep it for now but It’s something we’ve been really thinking about and we know we want to make more tracks together, so we’ll see.

What’s the name of the release?

Well we’re going to have a meeting about it, and as far as the tracks…one of them is called “All Systems Go” and the other is “Stardust”. The third one, we’re still deciding. And labels, we haven’t sent it to anyone yet, and we’ve been waiting for such a long time but now we feel the time is right, to shop around and see who digs it.

What’s it like being able to shop around to different labels?

I like it personally, I like dealing with labels who allow a non-exclusive relation… this way you get to build other relationships with other people/labels. You get to expand and grow as an artist.

You’re an LA based producer, and you’ve played around the country, you played a Starscape, what’s next for you?

I have a few gigs this month, and October, I’m going on a bus tour with FuntCase, High Rankin, and Nerd Rage. We’re starting here on the West Coast and going all the way up and back. It will be very interesting,  I’ve never been on a month-long tour, or on a bus. I think the longest I’ve ever been on the road was a a week and a half, so it will be very interesting. And it’s a bus full of producers…. I think being around creative people is what I am looking forward to most.

Born and raised in NYC, a full-time student in the Towson/Baltimore, I’ve had a wealth of experience in electronic music. I’ve DJ’d parties and on the radio, and am an aficionado all things Electronic Music with a passion for art in general.

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