deadmau5′ brand new studio album Album Title Goes Here has launched today and I’m more eager than ever to share the details on a super exclusive giveaway that we’re doing in celebration on the album release (you can also read our review of the new album here).

Not only do I have a free copy of deadmau5′ new album to give away but also a exclusive, limited edition Professional Griefers / UFC poster to give away, as seen in the marketing campaign for the single and music video for Professional Griefers (look at the picture embedded above).

Note: This poster is signed by deadmau5 and Gerard Way!

As with the Zomboy giveaway, we’ve simplified and streamlined the entry process to make it quicker and easier than ever for you to enter. Simply follow the prompts below, and take note: You can get extra entries simply by following the instructions.

Read our review of deadmau5′ new album, Album Title Goes Here.

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  • Austin Baroudi

    I want this very f****** badly!!!

  • Sebastian

    I purchased Joel’s last 4×4=12 album two years ago and I have been anxiously anticipating this release!

  • Andrew

    Super Bad.

  • George Mossey

    So bad that I would be willing to do really terrible things to get it. Like seriously nothing is off the table at this point. Like that bad…..

  • ryan

    freakin bad

  • As bad as meowingtons wants his god damn cat treats

  • Jay

    Rearry Rearry bad.

  • Max Dority

    Mainly for the poster. Don’t know that I’ll be able to wait more than 5 days before just buying the album.

  • Andrew

    I want it insanely! deadmau5 is flippin’ awesome! :DD

  • Luis

    I dont want this I NEED it!

  • As bad as my cat wants his cat nip

  • Juan

    I want it like Deadmau5 album. Really badly.

  • Jason

    I have been a fan of Joel for 3 years and have been following him in his growth of his musical style. I REALLY WANT THIS! please!

  • Danda

    I want ti so bad, I think it will cure my type 1 diabetes.

  • Chris

    I want it so bad, I am willing to sacrifice another Canadian, most likely a certain teenage singer.

  • MetaJD

    What is psychedelic? It came from a psychiatrist in 1957, but it did not take long before it became a buzz word in 1960’s American culture. Originally limited to describing hallucinogenic drugs, it expanded to describe music of a certain quality. Music that was beyond simple “music”. This was psychedelic music. This was music that was going to take you somewhere — the word was “derived from the Greek words ψυχή (psyche, “mind”) and δηλείν (delein, “to manifest”)…’mind-manifesting’.” Sure, soul music had empathy, pop had a spark, but what other music promised to alter your mind?

    The word ‘psychedelic’ pops up in music criticism and even in dialogue about our favorite music. We hear an amazing song that sounds ‘trippy’ (hint: reverb-heavy) and honorable “psychedelic” pops into the head, out of the mouth and into an adjective describing the song. To label music released after the 60’s as ‘psychedelic’, whether casually or critically, implies that you don’t necessarily need to follow 60’s psych-standards to be psychedelic. As more time passed, we realized, you don’t even need a guitar to sound psychedelic.

    And just like that, psychedelic was now a compliment. Its connotation positive for music which, just as before, “goes beyond”. Times change; while every type, nook and cranny of music has its respective scene, a sound can only be new once. Genres last a looong time though, and people’s expectations are bizarrely divided up into decades i.e. “What’s the sound of the 90’s? What’s the sound of the 00’s? The ’10s?” It takes a long time for a sound to be born, live and die. More than a decade. And I say this because, even though Electronic music has been popular for decades, it may finally be reaching its peak. Electronic music has infiltrated popular radio and the collective unconscious, naked, at the forefront of our attention.

    It is now where I want to scream as loud as the internet will allow me to — Deadmau5’s new album has some songs that:
    1.) Accurately represent what the 2012’s musical zeitgeist sounds like
    2.) Redraw the mental-criteria for what we think constitutes psychedelic music
    3.) Are produced with such care; not to mention an intense love for the 4/4 beat — there are moments that sound like tributes to Electronic music as a concept.

    “Fn Pig” builds with a sacred patience, every clap contemplated, every bass frequency tuned just right — it’s hard not to feel incomprehensible awe. And what does the human mind do when it faces the unknown? That’s right — we quickly fall back on what we know to place the unknown in a context (hint: this is how racism happens), and once again, coming to rescue, to encompass all the joy Deadmau5 has been delivering to us without trivializing its subliminal nature — psychedelic. You say it, and whether or not someone agrees with you, when describing music, they know exactly what it means.

    It’s September 21st, 2012 and Deadmau5 has created a cultural milestone, even if only in a single song, I cannot deny the shine in my eye, or how its brightness eclipses all surrounding stars — the void no longer blackened; the soul purified. I must have this prize pack to commemorate the occasion.

    • That… Was something else.

      • Royce

        Seriously. MetaJD, you should consider doing a guest post for us in the future.


  • Matt

    i will do anything to win this. anything…;)

  • chris

    so fn bad

  • Marc

    October is literally a masterpiece. I’ve been waiting for this track for a while now!

  • davide zambon

    Best track (not including the pre released “veldt” and “professional griefers”) for me are “Fn Pig” and “There might be coffe”.. Also another couple of good ones.. and then a bunch of fillers like october for example.. Summing up my personal opinion we have a bit-more-then-average album from the mau5.. Technically great, emotionally a bit less.

  • Paco Bacon

    Professional Griefers

  • My favorite track is either Closer, because it incorporates the tune from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or Take Care of the Proper Paperwork because it has an epic feel to it, almost like one could use it in a movie during a scene where two guys are hunting each other. Like a suspenseful, stealthy feel. The whole album is fantastic, though, and I think it’s Deadmau5’s best yet.

  • Favorite track? If I had to chose one. It would be Telemiscommunications. To me it just stands out. It’s not 128 bpm like most of deadmau5 music. It takes you to a different world when you listen to it. And the vocals are just amazing.

  • Jake

    FN PIG

  • Jake

    There Might Be Coffe is definitely my favorite.

  • avicii&SHMalltheway

    I like all the tracks