A while back in an interview, Wolfgang Gartner stated that he and deadmau5 both shared mediocre feelings towards their collaborative track, Animal Rights. While the track scored high as one of the best electro house bangers of that year, the two evidently felt it wasn’t their best work.

The two hit the studio again to write Channel 42 which will be released officially on Tuesday on deadmau5′ album > album title goes here <. While I imagine they had hoped to release a track that was substantially better than Animal Rights, after listening to it I can’t really say that it is. I think it’s a good track that showcases each talent’s style but it doesn’t really go much farther. Don’t get me wrong – it really is a decent track – it just doesn’t ‘wow’ me.

deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42
[audio:http://files.electrojams.com/House/Deadmau5/Channel%2042%20%28Original%20Mix%29.mp3|ttitles=Channel 42 (Original Mix)]

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