As if there weren’t enough curiosity about the upcoming Boys Noize album (due out October 2nd), Alex Ridha recently told Australian new site inthemix that he and Snoop Dogg made “one rap track and one house track.”

Evidently, it’s the only collaboration we’ll see on the new album: “I don’t like to have cheesy vocals on my songs, so we made one rap track and one house track,” he stated, adding “I never did a remix for Lady Gaga or Britney Spears because I didn’t want to put my name next to something I think is shit.”

“It’s funny for me, this album felt like in order to make a step forward I had to take a step back again and find my roots,” the German explained, speaking again about going back to his “raw and rough” roots. “I sounded so raw and naive in a way because I didn’t really know what I was doing then.”

Check out the full track listing for Out of the Black:

1. What You Want
2. XTC
3. Missle
4. Ich R U
5. Rocky 2
6. Circus Full Of Clowns
7. Conchord
8. Touch It
9. Reality
10. Merlin
11. Stop
12. Got It ft. Snoop Dogg
13. Ich Jack (Australian bonus track)
14. Yeah (Australian bonus track)

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