Editor’s Note:  This is a response to another website’s efforts to expose the EDMSnob’s identity

Yesterday EDM Insider posted an article that exposes the infamous EDM Snob as Miami promoter Biz Martinez. The Insider does not claim credit for the article, rather they say it was emailed to them, quite possibly to avoid a libel suit because it contains little solid evidence and an abusive tone and some serious accusations that could potentially cost Biz his job. For me the article raised more questions than it answered, and I’m not sure if the Insider understands the gravity of their decision to publish it. The first thing I though after reading the article was “why does it even matter?”

I am nowhere near an authority on this issue, but I have met Biz Martinez and he seemed to be a completely down to earth dude.  Not at all like the persona put off by The Snob or mentioned in the article.  I’m not saying the author of this article is wrong, just that to me Biz Martinez doesn’t fit the bill. He is an event promoter who works for MMG and though it makes sense that he could have the same industry connections as The Snob, it doesn’t make sense why he would turn against the people who made him his money.  And if he did, then more power to him.

The thing about The Snob is that his rants about the EDM scene are spot on more often than not, and I truly feel that someone needed to say some of the things he has said.  He deserves credit for the points he raises. I have deep respect for anyone who will stand up for what they believe in at the cost of going against the trends set by their peers and doing something that has never been done before.  The author of the aforementioned article asks The Snob to “…step away and let someone else do the job correctly that can be trusted and is not trying to make a name for himself off exaggeration…”  Who is going to do the job? And how does the snob have anything to gain off of the waves he created?   Biz Martinez has already made a name for himself while the snob remained nameless.  There aren’t even any ads on edmsnob.com, so I don’t understand what he could be trying to make besides a more informed EDM community.  In his email to Pasquale Rotella, The Snob clearly states his goal: “… we should be careful to embrace what makes EDM special as it gains more listeners”.

To me, The Snob has been a refreshing voice in the EDM blogosphere whose seat was waiting to be filled for a long time.  He says things that myself, and I’m sure a lot of other heads only think.  Find me another blog that posts negative reviews or stands up against the ever encroaching aspects resulting from commercializing our beloved scene.  I believe the scene needs an insider who will keep the community informed by exposing the fraud they see inside the industry.  In my opinion, the service provided by The Snob should inspire readers to stand up for the community we created and keep the corporate entities who seek to control it in check.  EDM’s commercialization is obviously unstoppable at this point, but I don’t see anyone out there other than The Snob trying to help fans realize that we have a voice, and the industry must listen to us.

Honestly, I don’t care who The Snob is, as long as someone inside the industry believes in cherishing EDM’s essence, and has the balls to keep exposing the aspects they believe are wrong.  The commercial entities seeking to control the EDM Industry need a voice to fear. They need to know that we are watching, and that we don’t take any bullshit. Furthermore, since The Snob arguably does not have anything to gain from the service he provides, we should probably consider what the author of that article has to gain from exposing him.


Been in Florida my whole life nurturing a love for all beats that break. Never released a track, but I’ve been producing for nearly 15 years and playing out as a DJ for at least 8. I ran Floridub.com on the side (until godaddy stole it form me) and also write for NuSkoolBreaks.co.uk as well as FloridaBreaks.org and Breaksculture.com. You can catch me mixing on the award-winning NSB Radio station every Tuesday night 8-10pm (EST).

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  • jackmeoff

    How convenient you leave out several key aspects of his wrong doings.
    1- he bashes others for conflict of interest at dj mag. He himself promoted ferry corsten at liv not long ago, then under a fake persona blasted him for the dj mag ads. That IS a conflict of interest as well.
    2- what does he stand to get out of it? You left out the obvious…he wants his own stage! Haha. And how you can’t see that letter to pasquale as scary and borderling extortion is beyond blind. He was even tweeting pasquales girlfriend dinner advice last night then removed it. This dude is strange, bizzarre and one bad blog away from a cease and desist if he hasn’t gotten one already. Half of his blogs are filled with nonsense and lies. If you want to support that, go right ahead. But the reason he is keeping his identity away is to keep his job bottom line.

    • Royce

      Hi Jack.

      Thank you for commenting.

      I shared same of the same sentiment when first reading The Snob’s email to Pasquale, but I didn’t take his idea for his own stage seriously. Could you honestly imagine an EDM Snob stage at a major festival? I can’t.

      The dude may be weird, and I wont say he hasn’t done anything wrong, but I will support his voice. I don’t know the depth of your experience with the EDM industry, but my path has lead me to think many of the things The Snob has been bold enough to say, and I think someone needs to say them. I can’t stand behind every single word he says, but I definitely see a place for his voice in the EDM community. I hope you understand.

      Thanks again.


  • KimDallas24

    Its kind of a no brainer you would write this, I mean he was helping you guys get page views by tweeting you and electro jams was part of his news feed on that blog. So if your up for supporting a dirt rag, then maybe you have a point. Not sure I would support criminal activity though which is the only reason Biz hasnt come forward, because of dj mag contacting police and him leaking personal info that hes not authorized too. Slow and stead wins the race. Short cuts and haters end up in jail. Have fun

    • Royce

      Hi Kim.

      You bring up a valid point. Syndicating The Snob’s articles has probably helped increase our traffic, but we wouldn’t be posting his articles if we didn’t think he brought up valid points. We’re not in this for the drama, or to win any race… or even for the pageviews. We view ourselves as a journalistic entity, and we publish articles we think are newsworthy, or in this case an editorial opinion about someone else’s article. As I stated my response to Jack below, I don’t support every single thing The Snob says or does, but I do think that more people should be exposed for his voice.

      Let me be clear about one thing: Electrojams does not support criminal activity. We do however, support people who stick up for what they believe is right. Some of history’s greatest heroes had to break the law in order to have their voice heard.

      If you, or anyone reading this would be interested in drafting a guest editorial about this situation I would be more than glad to post it if it is well written.



    • Just a side note – people seem to be under the impression that the Snob’s website sends us massive amounts of traffic. It’s actually quite the contrary, and thus him linking our site has absolutely nothing to do with this blog post.

  • ” The Insider does not claim credit for the article, rather they say it was emailed to them, most likely to avoid charges of libel because it contains little solid evidence and an abusive tone and some serious accusations that could potentially cost Biz his job” – – – Nice accusation guys! This was sent to us by an anonymous source (much like EDM Snob who is also anonymous) and it made some points that were too good to ignore. I Invite all to read this article IN FULL before jumping to any conclusions.

    • Royce

      Hi Greg.

      Thank you for posting, and responding to my comment on your site positively. Even though you deleted it. 🙂

      I read your article in full. The part in my article about you avoiding a libel suit was just my opinion thrown in there for editorial spice. I used the qualifier “most likely”, because I know that you could be telling the truth about your anonymous sender. For all I know, The Snob could’ve send it to you himself.

      My comments were not intended to say anything negative about your site and I apologize if it came off that way. I like your site and I hope that my editorial brought you more traffic.


      • Deleted it once I read your “editorial spice”. Is this article deleted? Because I can’t seem to bring it up anymore..

        • royce

          Nah, were currently experiencing some technical issues. It will be back up asap.

  • edmpro

    I can’t seem to find the music in this post…

    • Bill Murray

      Some people enjoy content that stimulates their neocortex…