When I first saw the screenshot of the texts between Borgore and Miley Cyrus, I thought it was a hoax. And then I thought to myself: “It’s Borgore. Does anything this man does make any sense?” Over the next few days, I saw even more tweets exchanged between the two and determined that this was either a very well developed and elaborate hoax or the two are indeed acquaintances.

Rolling Stone caught up with Borgore and got him to come forward about the whole Miley Cyrus providing backing vocals in Decisions. Evidently, Hannah Montana doesn’t exist in Israel so when Borgore came to America he just saw a “hot girl with good vocals” (his words). Apparently, the two got along just fine: “I wouldn’t say no to working with Miley, ’cause I think she’s a great singer. I already proved she’s great for what I do, and if she fits in one of my next tunes and she will want to be part of it, I’ll be happy,” he said.

But what about potential backlash from devoted dubstep fans? Simple: “If someone used to like the tune before he knew she was on it, and now he doesn’t like it just because she’s on it, he’s lying to himself,” Borgore said. “I think being nonconformist is being the biggest conformist.”

Come this September will be an official video for Decisions, featuring Cyrus herself. Billie Ray Cyrus may want to pass on watching that music video. After all, do you think he’s seen Borgore’s Twitter at all?

Other exciting news for Borgore fans, is after he gets settled in to Los Angeles, he provides to hit the studio hard: “I’m releasing an EP more for my close circle, my hardcore fans, which will be super dubstep-ish, full on,” he said. “At the same time I’m working on an album that will hopefully be out the beginning of next year. My first album needs to be special.”

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