Whenever we hit a milestone on our Facebook page, we like to do something cool for our users. We have a lot of friends and acquaintances at labels and we always try to network with them to give you guys a nice surprise. We’ve recently become acquainted with the fellows over at Elk Beats and have really had a pleasure listening to their diverse and forward-thinking music and I’m proud to say that we’ve been given exclusive access to premiere this 27 minute mixtape, showcasing some of Don Valdez‘s finest bass-heavy works.

This is our little gift to you guys for helping us get to 4,000 fans on Facebook, so why don’t you check out Elk Beats on Facebook, the home of Don Valdez, Esh One, and AxH!

And on a final note, I just wanted to remind our readers that Don Valdez’s Burqueño EP is out today and is available through Elk Beats for a very reasonable price of $5 USD.

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