Here at we really try to find new unsigned hype and bring it to the masses that read our site.  It’s always a pleasure finding a new beat from some unknown and being able to bring it you guys.  With that, I have a new track from New England based duo, Dirty Fresh. They’ve been DJing on the underground circuit there and are starting to work on productions together, and their first official outing is pretty awesome.

Dancing Plague of 1518 is tagged on SoundCloud as Diseased Zombie Shuffle Doom House.  What?  Well it’s actually quite befitting of this one, because that’s the vibe you get. The beginning sounds quite like some Wolfgang Gartner with the chopped up and effected vocals, before it takes a Mord Fustang type turn to it.  Rife with Super Mario samples, a steady pulse, organ-driven melodies, this one has it complextro style (A word I’d rather not use, but it’s really what it is.)

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